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The coffee's good, but what about the ground?

  About an hour ago I was walking up the main street in the winter sunshine. The odd car horn tooted over the general morning bustle as I stepped into the lotto shop. There was a couple in front of me at the counter and the lady turned to me and said: “Since it’s very likely that we are going to win, you may have to wait a while”. Quick as a flash I replied “I shall be happy to wait - for a small commission”. That’s the kind of thing I normally wish I’d thought of in time to say it. Feeling pleased with myself I went into a small cafe across the road for a long black and was enveloped by the aroma of hot coffee and pain au chocolat. Looking back through the steam rising from the coffee machine, through the open window across the street, with sunlight through the trees, I had a feeling that all is well with the world. Except that it’s not. Somewhere in the background, beneath the idyllic scene of small-town New Zealand, something clunked and I remembered that the planet is grappling