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Plant that tree.

  Let's face it, the evidence is incontrovertible: All but the most staunch deniers and the doggedly ignorant agree that we are on the brink of a global climate crisis. But there are pockets of good news and optimism to be found. Do a quick net search for "Monbiot trees" and you'll get a page full of links about how tree planting and 'rewilding' really can make a difference. And if you haven't seen the video made by George Monbiot and Greta Thunberg - you should watch it. In 2017, 1.5 million volunteers planted 66 million trees in 12 hours. There is great work being done in Ethiopia, a country better known for famine and war than reforestation, where a campaign known as 'Green Legacy' recently saw 353 million trees planted in 12 hours. The target for 'Green Legacy' is 4 billion trees. A few weeks ago during Equidays at Mystery Creek, in the recycling area known as Wombleton,  a team of volunteers sorted rubbish from the event into com