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By George I think he's got it.

  When the evidence points to the necessity for a change of mind then a change of mind it will have to be. As Professor Richard Dawkins says in his book The Greatest Show On Earth -   'at any moment somebody might dig up a mammal in Cambrian rocks, and the theory of evolution would be instantly blown apart if they did' .   Of course that is not going to happen. I believe the theory of evolution is safe. However I don't understand how some people can adopt a position and then defend that position to the point of irrationality, even when shifting evidence indicates a change of view. I have recently had my views on the short term future of our planet changed; not in terms of whether climate change is human-induced, or whether enough is being done about it, but in terms of how this is going to play out.  There was one prime cause behind my shift of view and two secondary ones. Firstly I happened to read an article by George Monbiot entitled 'Lab-grown food will s