The good news and the bad news

In my last column I said I was feeling a lot better about the future of the planet because economics will take care of the tough decisions, and I believe that is true. Greener solutions to problems will be adopted not only because they are the right thing to do, but because it makes economic sense.

Along the way though, it behoves mankind to act responsibly, and do what we can for our ailing planet. But whilst there are plenty of people making great strides towards a sustainable future - others are being selfish and reckless. 

On the plus side: BP's new boss has announced plans to reinvent the company, and a grand ambition to be net zero carbon by 2050.  That would be quite something.

A small domestic Canadian Airline is moving towards electrifying their entire fleet of small passenger seaplanes, and the roof of their terminal building is a one acre green space with 50 solar panels and four beehives. 

On the negative side: 

There's the idiot-in-chief, no need to mention his name, rolling back environmental protections as fast as he can pick up a new pen to scrawl his clearly narcissistic over-sized signature - in an attempt to make his chaotic administration look better in the short term to his voters who can't see past the next rally, thus ensuring, in his garbled mind, his own future. 

And another man with a rather large ego, Elton John, took his private jet from NZ to the US and back for a one off performance. Is he really that important? Even if he does pay for carbon offsets - in the new reality - it seems a bit much.

How about the French ski resort in the Pyrennees flying in 50 tonnes of snow by helicopter because they didn't have enough. That is surely one of the maddest things to have happened in recent years.

With sea levels now rising at three mm per year and accelerating, some coastal communities in England are seriously trying to decide whether to keep building higher and higher sea defences - or just up sticks and move inland. And not just in England - this is happening the world over.

I reckon the good news is that ultimately we are going to be OK. Unfortunately it looks as though the mad people, the deniers, the idiots, and the apathetic will ensure that it gets worse before it gets better.


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