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Time, and lists, on our hands...

  There's a joke doing the rounds at the moment: "Spare a thought for all the husbands who have spent the last few years saying I'll do that when I get some time". And so it was on Saturday I woke to find my wife planning a roster of delayed jobs. At first glance it looked insurmountable, but it turns out that the best way to shorten a list is to tick things off it - so we got started. First we got the teenage son out of bed and broke the news, a task in itself. Our ten year old daughter was far more willing. The tree which has been encroaching upon the south side of house and progressively blocking daylight from above for several years was heavily trimmed, as were the hydrangeas and various other bushes advancing from below. Two trailerloads of trimmings out to the bonfire pile in the paddock later, the rastafarian grapevine was tamed back to to within a metre or so of the high fence it had completely engulfed. As we were gathering up the debris I attempted to e

We can do it - but only when it suits.

  Interesting times. I refer, of course, to the currently rampaging Covid-19, or coronavirus and the various responses to it around the world. Large parts of Europe have effectively closed, and North America appears to be in the process of doing the same. New Zealand and Australia have just introduced isolation requirements for all international arrivals, and I read that the Irish government has asked all pubs to close ahead of St Patrick's Day - it must be bad. And it is - this is a pandemic. The governments  of the world are acting decisively  and immediately to deal with the threat. Why is that happening? Well it's happening because anyone with access to the media, and capable of rational thought, can see that there is a real and imminent danger of widespread death and suffering unless something is done about it - and quickly. And it's not only the health issue; at this early stage the economic ramifications can only be guessed. All of which begs the question: "I