In Jacinda we trust.

 There can be no doubt that New Zealand's approach to the Covid19 pandemic has been successful so far.

There are several reasons for this; good science, sensible interpretation of it, and the courage to make the necessary decisions. Our government's reactions to the developing crisis way back in early/mid March were not knee-jerks. They were carefully considered, rational plans enacted in a calm and timely manner.

What a contrast to the ducking and diving, the chaos, the denial, and the blame dodging which have been displayed by governments elsewhere. 

Our prime minister saw what was coming, listened to her advisers, worked with them to devise a plan including the 4 level alert system, and then she fronted up to the public. The public listened and responded with "Fair enough, if that's what it is going to take - that is what we will do".

And we did.  Now, at the end of the level 4 lockdown, the director general of health, Ashley Bloomfield has said that the virus has been eliminated. This does not mean zero cases - but officials know where all new cases are coming from.

Notwithstanding that there is a long way to go, this is a huge achievement and we can all be proud. Proud of our country, our leadership, and ourselves.

I think the key has been honesty.  The New Zealand public accepted the strict measures placed upon us because, whether or not we agree with her politics, we trust Jacinda Ardern. We do not suspect her of wanting to run the country purely to boost her own ego. We don't assume she is lining her own pockets, and those of her cronies as fast as she can. We believe that she has our best interests at heart, that she actually cares about her country and the people in it. That's a rare leader, and we're lucky to have her.  These things have been noted too, she's become a bit of a rock star  around the world - if she wasn't already.

Compare that with the profoundy inept and self-serving president of the United States who firstly said there wasn't a problem, then said it was under control, then said they would 'shake it off by Easter', then told everyone how well he was doing while withdrawing funding from the WHO, then suggested that injecting disinfectant might be an idea worth looking into. And the death toll in the US alone is well over 50,000. Italy was caught totally on the hop, Britain didn't realise how serious things were until they were in the thick of it, and Spain has been hit hard. In Brazil the regional governors and health officials are desperately trying to contain the situation which is, to this day, being actively denied by the idiot the people of that country voted into its top job.

Nobody knows for how long New Zealand's borders will have to remain closed, or what life in this country is going to be like in the months and years to come, but I am pretty sure that going 'hard and early' has put us in the strongest position possible.


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