Losing the keys to life.

 We all know that society is dependent on technology. I for one tend to take it for granted. But having been in our new house for ten days now and still being without an internet connection (I'd tell you the story - but neither of us have the time) I have realised all over again how much we rely on it: There's no TV, no email, no online gaming for the teenagers, no web surfing. A lack of internet forces one to live a different life. The teenagers have come out of their bedrooms and have been communicating with us via the spoken word - that's different! 

Having to connect through my mobile phone every time I want to check the email takes me back into the mists of time when we had dial-up connections.

And watching TV with the set top box hooked up through the phone is fine until it decides to go slow - or drop the connection altogether.

Then on Saturday night I was sorting out the post-shifting chaos in the garage and that must have been when I lost my car key. On Sunday, with three open homes rapidly approaching, we turned the house (and the garage) upside down and failed to find them. "What about  the spare" I hear you say. Well that was lost some years ago - I'm pretty sure it was when my mother-in-law borrowed the car but it's best not to go into that.

$400 later I have a new key for the car - I can remember when I was but a lad, if you lost your car key you got another one cut for about $5.

I commented to the automotive locksmith that it would be typical if I found the missing key  having just mortgaged the house for a new one. He said, "Doesn't matter - the old one won't work now anyway".

Is it all going too far? The kids spend a lot of time responding to software algorithms of their online games, we all spend too much time staring at our phones, it's becoming increasingly common for computers to run our houses, they look after our diaries, and certainly they run our cars. And you can be sure there is a whole lot of binary to-ing and fro-ing going on behind the scenes of everyday life than most of us care to realise.

It makes me think maybe the planet would be better off if we all lived simpler lives. Well of course it would be, but it is true that technology has the power to deliver benefits, in countless ways, to the human race. We just need to remember to look after the environment which supports us as we strive to make our lives more comfortable and convenient.


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