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Plastic not so fantastic

  My wife came home a couple of days ago with some flowers for the house. Three bunches of nice white flowers which I won't pretend I was able to name, and another of what appeared to be twigs covered with little white baubles. The four bunches were duly combined into a very pleasant arrangement, now in pride of place on our dining room table. Not so pretty were the four plastic wrappers in which the flowers had arrived; the flowers will be dead and gone in a fortnight but those wrappers will persist in landfill for many years to come. It just doesn't make sense to me. The proliferation of non-recyclable single use materials, and even single use products - IE: things which are cheaper to replace than fix - is a problem which is not slowing down, despite plentiful rhetoric on the subject. In the words of a 41 year old from Central Otago who I saw quoted in an online news article 'this consumer economy based on an endless supply of cheap crap is really scary'. I called in

Hello and welcome to 2021

  This morning, on the last day of our holiday,   I had a slight shift of perspective. I was sitting up in bed with a cup of tea gazing through the trees, across the lawn, and over Lake Rotorua. We stayed at a lovely property once owned by a very well known NZ doctor / thug / inter-planetary fighter and host to many even more well known beautiful party-goers who would arrive at the Hefner-style pool and cabana by helicopter. That didn't faze me though - I'm used to hobnobbing with the rich and famous; I can see the colour of the pilot's shirts as the choppers pass my office window on their way in and out of the large business just across the road from our house. I can almost see the clouds of carbon dioxide swirling around the incredibly loud motors as they pass. On those days I can't help wondering whether there is any point riding my bike in to work. I could cycle to work every day for a decade and the benefit of that to the planet might be wiped out by a quick trip t