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Actual reality - deal with it

  Standing in the shower this morning, I was thinking about reality and its different forms.   There's reality TV, virtual reality, and of course actual reality. At the opposite end of the spectrum from actual reality is denial, often referred to as being up the [Egyptian] river. I'm sure we are all prone to taking a trip up the river every now and then, and some people seem actually to inhabit the upper reaches. Somewhere between reality and denial there exists what seems best described as 'chosen reality'. A person may not necessarily deny that a fact is true, but rather believe, or at least behave and live as though, there is an alternate truth - one which suits them better.   A chosen reality might be a situation where somebody can't bear the thought of a lamb being slaughtered -   those white fluffy symbols of new life and joy which adorn the pages of calendars and Easter egg boxes - and therefore they remove that section of the truth from their mental picture


  Brazil loses around 10,000 square kilometres of rainforest per year. That is roughly equivalent to 3.2 football fields per minute. This figure is actually less than it was in the nineties and early 2000s, but it still seems like an incomprehensibly rapid rate of destruction. It has been claimed that the government of Brazil has actively discouraged action against illegal logging in the Amazon, leaving the illegal loggers to act with impunity. Jair Bolsonaro, the right-leaning president of Brazil, he has said it is all lies - that the Amazon belongs to Brazil and 'European countries can mind their own business' since they have already destroyed their own environment. Has he got a point?   Brazil is a sovereign nation with a democratically elected government, and certain Brazilian citizens, mainly corporate ones, are laying waste to the rainforest . Except that 'laying waste' is a deliberately   emotive phrase; what they are, in fact, doing is clearing the rainforest to

The good oil on Biden

  The new president of the United States has been busy undoing some of the madder policies of the previous administration and it does feel as though we have reached calmer waters. Four years with the Orange Don at the helm was a choppy ride indeed. What amazes me is that so much power to do harm was vested in one apparently small pair of hands. The fear which many felt when he came to power turns out to have been justified. Sensible people the world over watched in horror and dismay as he tore down environmental protections across his own country, yanked the US out of the World Health Organisation and the Paris Climate Agreement, and generally rode roughshod over anything he either didn't like or didn't understand - which covers most things. When Joe Biden got in he was widely touted as a safe pair of hands, but he is being a lot more pro-active than expected, particularly in going after fossil fuels. Word has it that there are tremors running through the upper echelons of that