Getting our priorities sorted

 There is a lot of hype about Harry & Meghan. This couple seems to be at odds with the very institutions which have given them the means with which to withdraw from it all. It reminds me of the John Bishop joke: His wife suggested to him that they take some time off to get away from it all. He replied 'But you are "it all"'.

Harry met Meghan and they got married and then decided they didn't like the public attention. Given Harry's family background they might have seen that coming.

Sure, the Royal Family are a bit stuffy and not great at moving with the zeitgiest but there is no doubting the Queen's devotion to her country. It's the family around her which often causes problems. The Duke of Edinburgh is famously quick to comment without engaging the royal brain, and one could easily point out the foibles in each and every one of the others. By and large though, they do seem to get on with it, and Britain holds a place in the world which is due, in no small part, to the establishment at the apex of which the Royal Family sits. The Duke of York is a little harder to defend.

Having taken advantage of the rocket launch that their wedding has proven to be, Meghan and Harry (and Meghan does appear to be the driving force) have used their long time foe - 'the media' to take a few pot shots at the Firm.

My own reaction to all of this is "Who really cares?"

Even the three idiots who shout at me every morning (thanks to my wife's insistence on inviting them in to our house via the radio) were ranting about it today - although their opinions are even more forgettable than most others.

But honestly, do you care?

I know I don't; I've got enough to worry about.

I'll tell you what is important: The plight of our planet is important, and yet I meet people every day who clearly couldn't care less. And why should they? No one else does, at least not around here. We in New Zealand are splendidly isolated, for now, from most of the effects of global warming, and even those that do reach us are gradual, so we don't have to worry today. Let's leave that for tomorrow. 

For a real life reminder of global warming though, drive out of Cambridge, north on Victoria Road. Just before you get to the freeway, on your right, you will see a huge stormwater run-off area designed to protect all the new development in that area. This is supposed to hold in abeyance the vast amount amounts of stormwater which the council knows are likely to accumulate more often than once every hundred years, so that it can dissipate safely.

There it is - a huge hole in the ground to remind us that climate change is real.

But who really cares?

Perhaps Harry & Meghan should talk to Oprah about it.


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